A mountain is turned into a quarry to feed the need to create a city. A cement factory gets built to do the same. Quarry and factory are now part of the fabric of a city mushrooming out of control, swallowing up nature, mangling it and spitting it out.
I’ve been photographing Man’s interventions in Nature for years now, both in and out of the city, trying to get down on paper my concerns about the consequences of unthinkingly destroying our natural environment, especially in and around our living space.
For decades now, old cities have been expanding and new ones springing up from scratch to meet the need to house all the people pouring into them in search of a better life. But who’s spared a thought for meeting their need for greenery?
The strange thing is that we build cities inimical to our nature; we destroy our lungs, every last patch of oxygen-producing green. Then, feeling trapped in the city environment and routine, we have to escape into nature. And what do we do when we get there? Determined to bring our city “comforts” with us, we wreak irreparable havoc on the final vestiges of Nature.